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Have you ever heard a story on the news that created deep emotion within you, whether it was anger, fear, or sympathy? I think we all have. And some of those stories rattle us so much, we can't help but to jump into action. For A Girl Named Katie, it is the knowledge that there are people out there making our clothing in tragic work environments and are unable to provide their families living essentials. There are people literally dying to make cheap clothes for our well-known retailers because that is what the American people are telling companies is in demand. We want a lot for a little and are ignorant about where those items came from and who risked their lives to make them. We have the power to change that message! It starts with getting educated about where your clothes are currently coming from, which you can find on the A Girl Named Katie Facebook page. 
After a considerable amount of researching and seeking to find ethical alternatives A Girl Named Katie founder, Katie Kline, noticed there were a few things consistently getting in the way of creating an ethical + sustainable wardrobe and home. One being that ethical clothing and housewares can be hard to find as these products cannot be regularly found at your local mall. Finding ethical alternatives requires a lot of time searching online and visiting local small businesses, especially if you have something specific in mind. Another road block was the cost of basic wardrobe staples which often came at a budget-breaking price for a young woman just starting out. Katie set out to create a solution by opening a shop that would offer ethical + sustainable clothing and housewares at a very budget-friendly price because she believes that everyone should be able to have ethical options, not just those that can afford it. In our shop you will find a beautiful curated collection of gently loved clothing and housewares that we have hand-selected and given new life to as well products designed and handcrafted by an assortment of talented craftsmen and artists. 
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Styling + Wardrobe Consulting


How often do you stand in front of your closet just staring into the abyss searching for something to wear. You eventually try on 3 outfits before finally given up and just resorting to the same ol' uniform of jeans and a tshirt. You want to feel excited and creative when it comes to your closet, because you know what they say, your clothing is an expression of who you are. But ultimately you have no idea where to start except maybe to just start over with a new closet. Sadly, What Not to Wear is over, and no one is going to give you $5,000 to create a whole new look. So you better work with what ya got! And that's where I come in.

Hi, I'm Katie, and I'm the stylist around here. 
I want to help you build inner confidence by teaching you the simple skill of how to dress your body shape. I can help you discover your personal style with the clothing you already own by creating a capsule wardrobe that will fit your lifestyle, budget, and will spark your creativity. I promise you that this new wardrobe is not only in reach, but can be created within a weekend or at your own pace with my Capsule Closet E-Course. If you are a total mess that needs more hands on help than an e-course will provide, no worries. I offer in-home styling services to the Lebanon/Lancaster, PA area. But maybe a closet overhaul is not in your future, and that's fine too. Maybe what you really need right now is just someone to go shopping with you and help you put together some outfits for that new job or vacation. I am down with that! Don't have time to shop? Let me do the shopping for you! Events come up, weddings happen, new opportunities arise. Let me be your girl who hooks you up with the perfect outfit. 
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Are you ready?


Artists + Craftsmen


Do you want to see your products in our shop? 
We would like that too! Email us for information with link to your website or a few images of your work: katie@agirlnamedkatie.com
Products must fit the A Girl Named Katie vision + brand. Items must be ethically made, sustainable, or fair trade.

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